To make a good start | Na dobry początek

My name's Misia. I'm a tango dancer and teacher and co-owner (as well as creative manager) of a restaurant and a tango cafe in Malbork, Poland. I'm passionate about both cooking and baking, but due to the space restrictions (a tiny kitchen) I tend to bake much more than cook even though I find both activities equally comforting and satisfying. The idea of writing a blog has been haunting me since quite a time as the amount of recipes' printouts has been dangerously growing beyond my control. I wanted to impose some regularity on myself so that the ideas, pictures, impressions are not lost and forgotten in the hustle and bustle of daily life. I believe I can make it - keep your fingers' crossed :)

PS. English is not my native language and writing a blog in it is a way of working on it/polishing my language skills. Some posts might be in Polish or in both languages. Your comments are more than welcome in either language.

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