Margit Island and...

For the last few days it's been raining and raining and it seemed that overcast sky took over Budapest for good. Today - to our surprise and joy - we were woken up by the sunrays and warm 12°C temperature. In the middle of November! Not waiting too long we ate breakfast and headed off to Margitsziget (Margit Island) to catch a bit of the sun and enjoy the blue sky...

On the way back we did some shopping and bought these amazing apples... I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with them but as I don't have too much time on hands today it will have to be something quick and easy. Apple Raisin Muffins? Apple Walnut Muffins? Apple Cranberry Muffins? I'll let you know in the evening what I've decided... :)


  1. a może zapiekanka ryżu z jabłkami i pianką na wierzchu ?

  2. Cudowne jesienne zdjecia... za taką jesienią tęsknie...


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