Autumn leaves...

"Autumn leaves
Beauty's got a hold on me
Autumn leaves
Pretty as can be"
(from Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man song "Sand River", album "Out Of Season") 

On a Saturday afternoon we went for a walk to Gellert Hill - one of truly "my places" in Budapest. On the way there we stopped by the Nandori Cukraszda and I ate a delicious chestnut & chocolate leaf (a small review of this patisserie coming tomorrow).
I love Gellert Hill especially in October and November when it's sparkling with all the colours of autumn. Even though it was overcast, the trees and bushes looked amazing. I felt like a small kid picking the leaves and taking pictures everywhere. :)

At home I couldn't resist the tempetation and took some pictures of the leaves I'd picked at Gellert Hill. Hope you like it :)

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